Shame Penguin – New Haven, CT

Welcome to the Rookery come on in and get to know the souls behind the music! Encapsulating the truest definition of a super group, Shame Penguin comes from 2 countries and 3 states to form one of the most dynamic sounds in re cent history.

Who Are Shame Penguin

Dustin Sclafani: Straight outta Suffolk County Long Island the lead vocalist has danced his way from stage to stage to finally find a home in our Rookery

Tristan Powell: Born in France Tristan jumped the pond at a young age. Art in all her glory has filled his young heart and driven him to many forms of expression.

Jon Ozaksut: Chicago is the where Jonnie Oz’s origin story begins. Our pragmatic conscience Jon has a gift in talking the enigmatic Sclafani and the art driven Powell back into the reality that is our sound.

Kenny Maraczi: The heartbeat of our rookery, Kenny takes his punk rock passion and drives this quartet passed all common time signatures with a smile on his face and the music in his heart.


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